domingo, 28 de agosto de 2022

Official Selections 2022

 These are the films and Official Selections of this 2022 season.

ASCENDER-------------Directed by Leonardo Barranco (México)

The simplicity and beautifully photographically shot of an ascent to a mountain.

EL NIÑO Y LA MONTAÑA------------ Directed by Santiago Aguilera and David Monreal (Chile)

A well done animation short from the mountaneer passion.

LEGACY----------- Directed by Pamela Falkenberg and Jack Cochran (Canada)

A short sweet piece of the gastronomy poetic culture.

IN SEARCH OF A P-I-G (Song)-Directed by Pasquialini, Stribling,Gault, Takeda & Szarabajka (USA)

The parodic final song of this funny parody of a nonsense pandemic universe.

FALLEN ANGLE.....Directed by Yan Lagoutte --------- (France)

An experimental exercise of broken images plenty of poetic beauty.

THE TRAIL  BEYOND HIGLAND ROAD------- Directed by Eli Copperman.........(USA)

This is an ecological piece of animation with great meaningful values.

NUMBER 37-------- Directed by Alejandro Chab---------(Argentina)

An interesting combination of reality and animation about the battle in the inner world from childhood.

PAN DE CADA DÍA--------- Directed by Manuel Sirgo ------------ (Spain)

An excuse to see Madrid in animation format with a beautiful scenary.

THE HITCHHIKER ........... Writen and performed by Karen Braysher---------- (UK)

This song is like a road movie with sparkling country energy

........... And the program will be completed with the work of our awarded filmmaker David King.

He offers us his majestic film MANSIONS OF ETERNITY and his work as curator with a selection of little magic pieces called  ABODE SILENCE created by the Abodecollective and dedicated to the Ukranian refugees. (OUT OF COMPETITION)

The screening venue, day and time:0:00 hours. Pico del Aljibe. 36°31′03″N 5°36′30″O. This is the peak of Los Alcornocales park. The Open Air ambience will make a wonderful cinema night.

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