miércoles, 6 de julio de 2016

Hell Chess Awards

The event is over.

We enjoyed a sweet summer evening with the radical sight and sound vision of THE VIBRATIONS,
the eternal and beautiful end of THE LAST KING OF GRANADA, the critical CONTEXT of two friends who are not aware of their context,and the romantic black and white sound of FIRST PARADISE. But these are the winners:



This is a very elegant reflexion about loneliness.
We are especially touched by the opera scene with a beautiful mixture between classical and contemporary music. All is well done.

We don´t receive enough songs to give the Best Music Prize, so we have decided to award as
homage the spanish rock music band MOVIE PUSSIES at its 20th anniversary:

Both prizes are Sterling Silver pieces from the personal collection of Juan de la Encina.

And finally we are going to give an honorable mention:

Diploma to the BEST DIRECTOR: DAVID KING for the film EXIT.

This is a very special director who represents the best of the Hell Chess Spirit.
We enjoyed a killer edition and an innovative narrative way of telling stories.


The Hell Chess Festival was completed with the premiere of the Film ¿NOTAS?
an anti-militarist film of Jorjesus that was made in 2006.

Thanks to everybody involved!