domingo, 17 de diciembre de 2017

Final schedule in Madrid

The screening at Hotel Juan Valiente in Nigüelas has been great.
A very distinguished audience has enjoyed your films.
We will go on in this cozy place during this month while we collect votes for the Audience Award.
So until January 12, 2018 we are going to debate and vote all the Hell Chess Awards*

But the final event will be in Teatro Pilar Miró (Madrid)....January 12, 2018 at 8 pm.
Our jury has decided to screen these films to the final event too in Madrid (Spain):

    * Chess Song ( U.S.A  2017) directed by Shihyun Wang

    *  Ugly ( Germany 2017) directed by Nikita Diakur

    * Todo por Galactus (Spain 2017) directed by José Araujo
    * Tainted Angels (U.S.A 2016) directed by Studi Bless
     * El Velorio (UK 2017) directed by Gustavo Arteaga

The event will be closed with the awards ceremony.

* All the Official Selections can be awarded with the "Valiente Prize" (Audience Award) even if they are not  screening finalists in Madrid.


domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017

Offcial Selections 2018

These are the Official Selections from the Hell Chess Film Festival 2018.
All of them will be screened at Hotel Juan Valiente in Nigüelas, Granada (Spain)
on December 16 at 7:00 pm.
But that will be the first session, because there will be more this month and in 2018.
And the final awards will be announced on January 12 at 8:00 pm in Centro Cultural Pilar Miró in Madrid.

CHESS SONG  ... 3´55´´...directed by Sherry Wang (USA)    

This song is giving an optimistic vision of the philosophy of chess. It´s sounds sweet an gracious.

RELOAD ... 4´49´´.... directed by Sam Kolber (USA)

This film got influences of certain underground filmmaker, a cinema homage without a word.

SCREAMING AT STARS ... 12´00´´ ... directed by Justin Bratton (USA)

This Science Fiction film give us the chance to think about how everything is changing even our love.

BLINDMAN´S LANE ... 13´00´´ ... directed by DI·AL (Italia)

The magnetic real voiceover of a satanist with a travel into the city, images which carry us to demon himself.

INFERNUM ... 9´00´... directed by Alex Hernández (Spain)

The spiritual suffering of a man tempted by evil forces. A fight to be an angel and save the world.

TODO POR GALACTUS ... 15´55´´ directed by José Araujo (Spain)

This freaky comedy got an interesting debate about Adolph Hitler and the consecuences of changing History.

COLLAR ... 14´40´´... directed by Russ Emanuel (USA)

An interesting conversation between two priests. One is a pederast and the other one a murderer...

TAINTED ANGELS ... 1´54´´ ... directed by Bless Williams (USA)

 It´s difficult to tell more things about what could happen after death in less than two minutes.

OUR WONDERFUL NATURE ... 3´32´´ ... directed by Tomer Eshed (Israel)

 An ironic animation tale about the gluttony of the chameleon with a superb image quality.

LOS FILÓSOFOS ... 2´27´´... directed by Jorjesús (Spain) ....OUT OF COMPETITION*

 This videclip is about what happens when people forget to use their brains.

JENNY LOVES SATAN ... 14´´21´´ ... directed by Jenna Bryant (USA)

A comedy about what happens in a family when you are a child pretending to worship what you don´t know.

UGLY ... 11´54´´ ... directed by Nikita Diakur (Germany)

 This animation short film is using brilliant broken aesthetics to picture the broken world where we live.

ALCHEMY ... 14´05´´ ... directed by Brandon Polanco (USA)

 Maybe Santa Claus got to pass a terrible inner test to be a figure to the children´s happiness.

MESSAGES FROM BEYOND ... 18´49´´ ... directed by Sherry Wang (USA)

 This documentary is about the incredible revelations of a psychic medium that involves even our festival...

TO THE END OF TIME ... 4´30´´.. directed by David King (Australia) OUT OF COMPETITION*

 A videoart piece plenty of surprising images. One homage travelling to classic science fiction.

EL VELORIO ... 61´00´´ ... directed by Gustavo Arteaga (United Kingdom)

 This film got another mysterious style in terms of narration, animation and live action scenes.

* The films out of competition cannot be awarded by our jury. But if the public wanted to make a special recognitition of them, we will inform about it.

lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017

Call for entries Hell Chess Festival 2018

The Hell Chess Film festival is an event celebrated in Campo de Gibraltar, Spain.
This year we got a special Festival with a  final venue in Madrid (Spain). We celebrate our screening and Awards Festival.
We celebrate the commemoration of the great Hell Chess film made by From the ruin to Paradise society. This is our sixth Edition .
This year you´ll receive a philosophical welcoming!
We invite all artists from the whole world to participate.
Every year since 2013, we project our Hell Chess film and we play an chess in a tournament
But this year the thing is going to be completed with your artistic  works.
Make a better place to live with the best of your souls!
And be elegant to express it.

The spirit of the Hell Chess Festival is so mysterious that you could feel a victory sensation even before starting. So, be sensitive now!

Sterling Silver Trophy to the Best Film.
And diplomas to the rest of the selected films.
This year we have a photo contest. If you have a cinema/screening room big or small, public or private send us a photo of your original, cozy or imaginative cinema room.
Special awards will receive our spanish limited edition book "La nieve en llamas".

We got a very special communication with the filmmakers, so all your films will be revised in a very complete way and you will receive our review to improve future projects. You will feel this festival is the festival all filmmakers needed to have.

viernes, 3 de marzo de 2017

The Winners

                                            Best film: Girl Indigo by Shihyun Wang

                                            Best Director : Snjezana Tribuson -Sve najbolje-
                                            Best Acting; Lola Manzano -Oltre la finestra-

                                            Best ScreenplayMiguel Berzal -Nomeolvides-
                                            Best Tecnical awardSve najbolje
                                            Best Music: JDL Encina  -Expunged from the colective memory-
                                            Best EditionDavid King -Expunged from the colective memory-
                                            Honorific Mention: Knocked down by Pepe Gómez

miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

The final

The final of the Hell Chess Festival 2017 is in Centro Cultural Pilar Miró Madrid.
At 20:00 hours in the 3th of March 2017.

These are the films:


    * Título: Intro Festival & Momentos estelares
    * Duración 10 minutos y medio
    * Año de producción 2017
    * Nacionalidad: España, Alemania, EEUU y Arabia Saudí.
    * Directores:Telemach Wiesinger, Sean Chen, Matthias Rippert, Antonio Bellido y Reem Albayaat
    * Sinopsis (brevísima) Son los mejores momentos de varios cortos.
      Imágenes de KALEIDOSCOPE,Casa Ricci, Last chance to save the Earth, Wake me up y la        
      música de Antonio Belllido La magia en la Navidad.
     * Edad recomendada para el público: Todos los públicos


    * Título: Cradle
    * Duración 5 minutos
    * Año de producción 2015
    * Nacionalidad: Irán
    * Director: Zanyar Lotfi
    * Sinopsis (brevísima) Una vez viejo, dos veces niño. Sin palabras habla de esa
     ternura que une a niños y ancianos.
    * Edad recomendada para el público: Todos los públicos
     * Título: Knocked down
    * Duración 2 minutos y 45 segundos.
    * Año de producción 2015
    * Nacionalidad Española
    * Director Pepe Gómez
    * Sinopsis (brevísima) En dibujos animados, la pelea estelar de un boxeador, un monólogo
     interior entre el rugido del público y el sentido del deporte.
    * Edad recomendada para el público: Todos los públicos
    * Título: A través de la ventana
    * Duración 5 minutos
    * Año de producción 2016
    * Nacionalidad Italiana
    * Director Francesco Testi
    * Sinopsis (Brevísima) Un monólogo a través de la ventana al mundo que silencia,
     una actriz que sufre la violencia de su pareja
    * Edad recomendada para el público: Todos los públicos

        * Título: The Endless River
        * Duración 3 minutos
        * Año de producción 2016
        * Nacionalidad Irán
        * Director Mohammad Mohammadian
        * Sinopsis El río sin fin tiene que ver más con la imaginación del pescador que sueña,
          que con la realidad estéril que le rodea.
        * Edad recomendada: Todos los públicos

        * Título: Nomeolvides
        * Duración 18 minutos
        * Año de producción 2016
        * Nacionalidad: España
        * Director Miguel Berzal
        * Sinopsis: La narración familiar y el símbolo de un flor que representa lo inolvidable.
        * Edad recomendada: Todos los públicos

        * Título: Borrados de la memoria colectiva
        * Duración 2 minutos 33 segundos
        * Año de producción 2017
        * Nacionalidad Australia
        * Director David King
        * Sinopsis Breves pistas sobre lo que fue un terrible campo de experimentación con personas.
        * Edad recomendada: Todos los públicos

        * Título: Sr Hernst
        * Duración 14 minutos 30 segundos
        * Año de producción 2016
        * Nacionalidad Francia
        * Director  Vincent Capello
        * Sinopsis La amnesia de un hombre y el médico que le ayuda en un viaje por la memoria.
        * Edad recomendada: Todos los públicos

        * Título: Chica Índigo
        * Duración 12 minutos
        * Año de producción 2017
        * Nacionalidad USA
        * Director Shihyun Wang 
        * Sinopsis Una chica de sensibilidad e inteligencia especiales explica por qué no encaja
          en este mundo.
        * Edad recomendada: Todos los públicos

        * Título: Sve najbolje
        * Duración 1 minuto 50 segundos
        * Año de producción 2016
        * Nacionalidad Croacia
        * Director  Snjezana Tribuson
        * Sinopsis: Trailer de una comedia romántica navideña, sobre la comida, la mujer,
          y la magía de Mozart.
        * Edad recomendada: Todos los públicos

        * Título: Cierre del Festival
        * Duración 3 minutos
        * Año de producción 2017
        * Nacionalidad España
        * Director  Jorge Blanco
        * Sinopsis: Se cierra la muestra y se anuncian los premios.
        * Edad recomendada: Todos los públicos





lunes, 30 de enero de 2017


Chica Índigo, Official Selection

This film is directed by Shihyun Wang. It tells the story of a young lady, and intelligent and sensitive person, who despite her talents cannot live in peace inside our unfair society. It includes the education system.

This film will be screened at Teatro Pilar Miró, Madrid

jueves, 19 de enero de 2017

Expunged From Colective Memory, Official Selection

This is a piece made by David King. A very fragmented and personal edition to show and suggest a terrible concentration/experimentation camp where all horrors are possible.

This film will be screened at Centro Cultural Pilar Miró (Madrid)