viernes, 12 de enero de 2018

The Winners in 2018

When the final sessión in Madrid is over you can see this video and all the winners of the Hell Chess Film Festival 2018 are:

            Best Film Winner: EL VELORIO (The Wake) by Gustavo Arteaga.
            Best Director: Nikita Diakur for UGLY.
            Best Music: Brandon Fietcher for CHESS SONG by Sherry Wang.
            Best Script: Rodrigo Lamoso for TODO POR GALACTUS by José Araujo.
            Best Acting: Miriam Balderas for EL VELORIO.
            Speechless Award: TAINTED ANGELS by The Bless Studio.
            Technical Merit: UGLY by Nikita Diakur.
            Spirit Award: Debra Hookey for MESSAGES FROM BEYOND by Sherry Wang.
            Special Audience Award: COLLAR by Enmanuel Russ.
            Audience Award: OUR WONDERFUL NATURE by Tomer Eshed.
            Photo Contest: Declared Deserted.