miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2016

Subliminal, Official Selection

Subliminal is a 3 minutes short film by Tristan Mcinstosh. It´s about the creative process of a tortured soul. The main role tries to write, but inside his soul there is suffering and a wish to be happy. But the creative process of living is hard...

This Official Selection will be screened in our Madrid section.

Pechorin, Official Selection

This russian feature film directed by Roman Khrushch is based on a book from the XIX century.
It´s made with few elements, few actors and few places of shooting.
But the inner strengh of the film consists in making a portrait about power,
not using politics but the problems of the human soul, a kind of russian Don Juan
who represents the nihilism of loving without loving. An inner charade and its consequences.

This film is going to screened in Madrid (Dr Steam cinema room)

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016

All the Best, Official Selection

The first Official Selection from the Hell Chess Festival 2017 is the croatian feature movie called
All The Best directed by Snjezana Tribuson.

This film is a Christmas movie plenty of human moments. Different people from different countries and ways of living run into each other tied by good feelings and the Mozart´s music.
What we saw at this film was the fact of not being using violence or death to express emotions of high levels of intensity. Just simple people with hearts eager to be decent.

All the Best will be screened at  Eden Cinemas in St Julians, Malta.
There it will have several sessions to be watched by our jury and public in December.
All the best to All the Best.