martes, 22 de enero de 2013

"What does this mean? Just it: Cinema Can Change The World. We live a very mediocrity age to Arts. The society is rotten, the materialism comes to a dead end. Everybody has been selling bodies and souls. So, why a surprise? The Shark's hunger needs one more human sacrifice"
. This diagnostic was made by our director in 1998, when our cinema society was founded. After receiving the gift from a mysterious mastery (in form of a philosophic sigth and sound knowledge) he started the way to a philosophic cinema revolution. He thought that our eyes are a film cameras, studying the reality second by second, hearing the primitiveness echoes from people, but at the same time, searching the light of the few people who reached wisdom. The power of cinema and music is incredible. But at the same time we must build a new language in order to broadcast the new beautifulness of the eternal values. The hope and the happiness are always a fresh feeling. Try new paths, break old rules, endanger the secure steps and find another way to tell the great story. But be independent because the Shark is all around in form of many temptations. Today we got a finished project, a digital picture called Hell Chess. Part of this diagnosis is in 29 minutes of a revolutionary mysterious picture: 5 years to make this special enigma. A real different aproach to a new dimension. So, in Hell Chess you can see the negative side of reality. The hidden part of the chessboard which imprision us, like souls, eyes and human society. Some keys are forbidden to our senses. That's what this film reveals. Some images of this movie:
Hell Chess was watched by Bruce Joel Rubin (screenwriter from the film "Ghost") and this was his review: "I watched Hell Chess last night and was very touched by its poetry and spiritual message. We do see the world very similarly. I was very moved by the effort to put this wisdom into words and images. It is exceedingly difficult to do". Of course we got a real Big Project. Our mission is to help the people minds in order to inspire them the Great Hope. Sometimes the problems arise due a lack of self confidence values, principles and imagination.