jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2020

Hell Chess Film Festival 2020 Awards.

You are welcome to the Hell Chess Festival 2020 summation.

These are the winners:

Best Film: Vacant (by Jury decision).......

Best Director (filmmaker of the year): DRAW...directed by Martin Kamminga (UK)

Audience Awatd: SAH MATA... directed by Thomas Gailhrad (France)

Ruy López Award:  SAH MATA... directed by Thomas Gailhrad (France)

Honorable Mention:  ALCHEMICAL CHESS...directed by Orryelle Defenestrate (Australia)

And you can see our event summation video below:


GRACIAS A LA VIDA, TAKE IV... directed by E. Gabriel Edvy (USA)

ALASKA LONG HUNTERS ... directed by Mark Rose (USA)

EN PASSANT...directed by Gao Yan (France)


TESTING THE DREAM... directed by Igor Kail (Russia)
INFINITY BY TWO ... directed by David Pinczés (Hungary)
RANGER... directed by Michael Winfield (USA)
FEST OF FIRENDS ...directed by Nicolas Gauthier (France)
THE SOUND OF THE DRAGONFLY´S WINGS... directed by D. Ethier (Canada)
(F)OUR SEASONS ... directed by Miguel Gabaldón (Spain)
PAWNS....directed by Elisabeth Berliner  (USA)


EL GRAN IMPACIENTE... directed by Carlos Arenal (Spain)

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