martes, 3 de diciembre de 2019

Third and final Session of the Hell Chess Festival 2019

These are the Official Selections of the the Hell Chess Festival event in December 19 at 18:00 hrs in the cinema Artistic Metropol, Madrid. These films will compete for the prize "Filmmaker of the year."

-BlackS or Whites.....(UK).... directed by Anita Pico.

This chess game is a symbolic revelation of a crime and the suffering for love and loss.
The stage is pale and tormenting. A true style of what Hell Chess is all about.

-Ovarian Ciyst.....(USA).... directed by Aron Fromm.

This animation short film is original in the way it shows a fight against this medical problem
as all it was a superheroe fight. It´s refreshing the humour and the comic style.

-Photos in the rain.....(USA).... directed by Thomas O´Brien.

We are very touched by this documentary of some forsaken photos in the street.
A photographer who has lost his memory and his artistic testimony is rescued
by a sensitive  filmmaker who appreciates what is good.

Plus these finalists we are going to screen the Offical Selections of Summer and March.
All of them can be awarded at this Christmas Session.

-Be my rebel......Nena & Dave Steward.....(Germany).... directed by Virgil Widrich

This videoclip sang by Nena was selected by our festival for it´s good edition and as homage
to this german singer from the 80s who is in an incredible good shape after the years.

-Una sola bala.....(Venezuela).... directed by Stuart Rivas

This film is about suicide and what we find interesting is the vision of the impossibility
of escaping from problems after killing yourself. You will be in the mental same place...

All the world is a stage...(Singapore)... directed by Hannes Rall

This brief animation film is based in Shakespeare but what we find appealing is the visual concept, with few brushes his author tells the story of the sad living of many.

Moonflower...(Canada)...directed by Deb Ethier

Moonflower is a very stylish little piece of animation. The classical good taste is what we find more interesting in a world where everything is excessive. Special Audience Award.

Meltdown...(UK)...directed by Guli Silberstein

It looks like an abstract exercise but it is not. It´s like a documentary critic of we world we live but with  tasty filters and overlapped images with a real beauty.

Thirty pieces...(Australia)...directed by James Weir

This is a film deserved to be watched several times to understand the unexpected final twist of the story and the message regarding drug addiction, religion, salvation or hell. (Winner of our 2019 Festival)


Apart from these Official selected films we are going to screen out of competition the David King past winner homage, and Sherry Wang´s Chess Song. Other former selections are part from our History and will be screened too like 
Telemach Wiesinger´s  Kaleidoscope pieces and Antonio Bellido´s music La magia en la navidad.

And of course our work as filmmaking  society.

See you soon!


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