sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2016

Highlights Official Selections

This year we got a section with the highlights of several short films that we cannot screen them at their total lenght but we have made an edition to open the Festival with them.

These are the films:

Kaleidoskope by Telemach Wiesinger. A black and white non narrative motion picture with images of trips around the world. The music and the images are the main characters. There is no story but the evocative feelings of a lonely travel.

The Magic of Christmas by Antonio Bellido. This is a very catchy and funny song about the money and social justice. It will be integrated in the opening sequence with these films.

Last Time to Save Earth by Sean Chen got an animation opening explaining the presence of aliens in our world and how they change our perception of reality. That particular brilliant  opening will be projected in our festival.

Casa Ricci by Matthias Rippert is a film about a couple wich cannot find a true happiness at their relationship. The arrival of a third part, an eccentric woman makes sense to that couple. 

Wake me Up by Reem Sameer Al-Bayyattell tells some of the inner feelings of a wife in Arabia.

 They will be projected in our Madrid

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